Let’s look at 5 ways to become that confident person and ‘Do it your way!’

Who do you see when your truly look at yourself?

Is it a person that is ready to conquer the world? No?

You will never conquer the world if you don’t believe you can.

You will be able to take on that supervillain, low self-esteem even if you’re not a superhero. We sked the question “What is one way to build a person’s self-confidence both personally and professionally?

Follow these top 5 suggestions for a self-confidence boost.

Strengthening of your mind          human-brain-with-rays_1048-4743

Allowing time to your care and nurture your mind. Giving some time in your day to meditate, read and expand our mind.

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”  – Santosh Kumar Kalwar

By not taking this time for you, you are allowing others views to shape your world

Toss the negative thoughts away!

Negative thought patterns are repetitive, unproductive thoughts. They serve no real purpose and directly cause negative emotions. You may be hard on yourself, fixating in on all your white-male-1847724__340weaknesses and possible flaws.

So how do you move through life in a way that is practical and authentic without getting sucked into negative thought patterns?

By consciously focusing on your thinking patterns, you will see a new higher dimension of awareness – you are now becoming mindful. You’re able to step back from the thoughts and become the silent watcher. So now, thoughts and your emotions will immediately start to loosen their hold over you.

The more often you can practice awareness of these thought patterns and what they’re doing to you, the faster you’ll begin to redirect yourself again to being more mindful of the moment.

Continuous personal growthlearn-2128978__340

Personal growth shouldn’t be done in random spurts of enthusiasm and action, but planning for long term and steady progress. Don’t attempt to change your entire life all at once as this most likely won’t last. Instead, making consistent, constant gradual changes that will impact over time for a lasting effect.

By following these four integral steps of commitment, action, evaluation and measurement, we can make steady improvements in our personal growth that will outlast the temporary boost we get from an inspiring seminar, book or podcast.

Have you heard of “imposter syndrome”?

This interesting psychological phenomenon commonly known as impostr syndrome leaves many professionals with feelings of fear and inadequacy that everything they have managed to accomplish has been lady luck.

There are ways to overcome the belief that you don’t measure up:

Talk to your mentors

  • Recognize your expertise
  • Remember what you do well
  • Realize no one is perfect
  • Change your thinking
  • Stop comparing yourself tothat person.

Learn to say no to things!

Rebel against the boxes people put you in and discover who the real you are. Above all women don’t need to be likeable, they just need to be themselves.

Determine you value

Your self-confidence needs to be entrenched in who you are completely outside of your success in business. So, look for ways to connect with yourself and grow. Whatever it takes for you to see your value regardless of how well you are succeeding in your professional life.


Finally ask yourself these three questions

  • Does your confidence have conditions?
  • Are you confident in some areas but not others?
  • Do you believe in other people’s innate worth?

Discuss your answers with your mentor during your next mentoring session.


By Bridget Wadling

National Mentor


Created by Kjpargeter – Freepik.com

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