Tammy Biton - Mind Matters

Natalie helped me get clear on my goals for 2015 and set an awesome plan of action. Her insight into Marketing was priceless and I can’t wait to share with her how much the session helped boost the business! She is genuine and passionate and I think everyone would benefit from a Pink Belt Session with her.

Lynda was wonderful! Great to work with and clear out some of those old things that were limiting my success. After our session I felt ready to tackle the world and had so much more insight and motivation! Thanks Lynda!

She is a wealth of knowledge and is extremely insightful and genuine.

Thanks again!

Alison Gatt - Lily Anne Designs

I have benefited so much from SWN. The beautiful ladies I have met and been inspired by- Natalie, Fern and all the lunch ladies.

I found a coach (I always thought that was such a waste of time, effort and money) who has helped me grow in confidence, set and achieve goals and has made it possible for my trip to Uganda.

I’ve done NLP training and met more lovely ladies.

I have had three ladies sign up and two of them, Fern and Shona are actually team members.

Think of the laughs we’ve shared, the connections I’ve made, the friends I’ve met and the lessons or tips I’ve learned..

One very grateful member.

Amelia Holland - Bella Vista Flower Merchants

Oh how easy to say nice things about SWN! For me it is a combination of two things I love.

1: The networking is just so fresh and easy, not forced or awkward like at some other brands out there. To be in a room full of like minded women who can just chat about what they do and build valuable business relationships in a relaxed but very well presented environment is just so nice, but also I think crucial, to a businesses marketing plan.

2: Working for yourself can get very lonely at times, and often very busy too. So to get the opportunity to socialise with other women who “get” how I feel is just so special! And due to busy-ness we often forget to take time to learn about things like sales, marketing, work/life balance, so to be able to pack in friendship, food AND an educational component to one lunch meeting is just so valuable.

Ha-ha Nat I sound like a SWN commercial…. But seriously….meant everything I said, you know how much I love what you do!!

Karen Willey – Mindful Movement Pilates Studio

If you are just starting your business or at a point where you need some inspiration and direction to grow your business, the Mastermind session is a really beneficial experience. You get a chance to discuss the nitty gritty of your own business situation and come away with some really effective and specific strategies. The skills and knowledge of the facilitator and business mentor are invaluable. Natalie kept people on track and on time and was able to define and refine each person’s goals when often they didn’t really know what those were. Jeremy’s generosity, depth of understanding and wealth of knowledge about business was inspiring. You meet like-minded women who are there for the same reasons as you. The buddy system is a great idea as you have someone in your corner (particularly helpful for those of us who work in isolation) who will hold you accountable to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Katherine Agius

I’ve been a member of Success Women’s Network for only 2 months and from the very beginning, Natalie and Cindy both made me feel welcome. Their warmth and passion for connecting business women and facilitating our growth and success is instantly obvious. They both make you feel like you’ve known them for years and that’s the way the network is run. There’s a real spirit of support and connection and members take a genuine interest in each other’s businesses and in their lives as well.As a small business owner, a sense of connection with other business people is really important. It also makes things very easy when needing a service or product to know that I have a growing list of business owners whom I trust and on whom I can call without wasting time online searching for someone to provide that service or product. Even before paying my membership fee, I had made several contacts, increased my database, had 2 referrals come and see me for a consultation and within one week of joining the Success Women’s Network, a fellow member signed up for one of my coaching programs.

I’ve met a couple of lovely ladies who have attended one or two meetings and not joined up. If you are unsure about joining the network, I strongly encourage you to do so. If you apply the networking strategies that Cindy and Natalie teach on this website and if you come to the meetings regularly, you will not only earn back your membership fee very quickly, you’ll also meet new associates, learn some really cool stuff, enjoy some lovely lunches and make new friends. And they’re so confident you can succeed, they have a money back guarantee! It’s a win, win, win!

Renne Hush

As a small business franchisee I was looking for a way to get my profile and my business out to networks in the local area. I had met a number of potential opportunities and had not felt any fit my business.

That all changed when i met with Natalie in January this year. after one meeting I knew that Success Women’s Network (SWN) was the right opportunity for me and my business. The balanced between looking after its members and sponsors was exactly what I was looking for in terms of a sponsorship opportunity.

SWN is committed to adding value to the lives and businesses of all members within the network. It offers a range of varied member benefits and opportunities to network. There are multiple events each month for members to attend allowing them to maximize their networking and a host of member benefits such as free business health checks with a range of coaches all of which add value to members.

Since coming on board as a sponsor in January this year I have been able to work with Natalie and her team to develop my business profile within SWN and beyond. I have gained clients and also made contacts that are vital to the ongoing success of my small business.

SWN offers a safe secure networking environment for all types of business women. It is a fantastic alternative to other networking groups who often do not understand the difference women in business make. It is an environment that fosters networking without the pressure.

SWN has taken the time to work with me to develop a plan to get maximum exposure for me and my business, whilst ensuring she offers maximum benefits and value for her members.

SWN is a unique business providing a great opportunity to its members, sponsors and the community as a whole and I highly recommend it to anyone member or sponsor.

Ros Christopoulos - Adept Training

Taking time out of a busy week to focus on what we are doing right and what we can improve on for me was the inspiration I gained from The Business Summit held at Northmead.

It was a relaxed, comfortable environment where you felt at ease to ask any questions and share any insights. The speakers were energetic, informed and committed to our success.

It was a great day for me on a personal level to recharge and for our business, my mind is buzzing with new ideas

Edward Zia - Excellence Above

Guest Speaking at and my Awesome Admiration for Success Women’s Network!
As a seasoned networker (who has helped build 4Networking in Sydney) with many of my own successful launches, I am a very tough character to please when it comes to events of this nature. Success Women’s Network (SWN) really did impress me on a range of levels and I am very grateful to have more opportunities to speak at their events. Basically their movement was started and created by a very kind, soft spoken and entrepreneurial character by the name of Natalie Moutia. After 45 seconds of speaking to her, I was instantly sold on her honesty, kindness and real drive to help women be better business and have fun doing it. Today I have been a very lucky Persian Marketing Mentor for several reasons. Firstly, I got the great chance to speak to the amazing group at 4Networking Wollongong this morning and secondly I spoke at and met the amazing group “Success Women’s Network” at Sutherland.

I knew I made the “Right Decision” speaking there!

Talking more to the great experience I had, here are the reasons why I think SWN rock:

– It’s full of great kind women supporting each other.

– Natalie is for real and is out to help people far beyond making money.

– The structure was great and like 4Networking, really created a kind room as well as drove business relationships.

– They really loved my presentation (that helps x x).

– No one was “Selling” – that is they got the “Relationship First” concept and was being great in helping each other.

– It felt “Right” and I left on a high.

Overall? I totally rated the experience and that is a lot coming from me as a seasoned 4Networking Regional Leader. They rock and I can’t wait to go back.

Thank you Natalie Moutia for trusting me and to Fern Harrison Rice for the intro.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves speaking at Women’s Events!

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