27 Sep 2016

Why sales is well and truly DEAD!

If you don’t already realise this, then it’s time to get yourself updated. Sales is dead! Period! No ‘ifs’…no ‘buts’…no ’maybes’. Dead…dead…DEAD! Long gone are the days when sales actually got someone’s attention for a product, service or cause, you needed great ‘sales’ technique. The...

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28 Jun 2017

Can you hear “yourself” think?

The expectations on our time and resources in an increasingly fast paced world, the constant stresses and strain of work pressures can soon start to show through. Initially meeting those deadlines and being in demand can give you such an adrenalin rush. However, in the...

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06 Jun 2017

Wisdom in Failure

What’s Your Concept of Failure? When it comes to failing, our egos can be our own worst enemies. As soon as things start going haywire, our defense mechanisms kick in, tempting us to do what we can to save face. Yet, these very normal reactions...

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01 May 2017

There is Power in Self-confidence!

Let’s look at 5 ways to become that confident person and ‘Do it your way!’ Who do you see when your truly look at yourself? Is it a person that is ready to conquer the world? No? You will never conquer the world if you...

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03 Apr 2017

How to Beat 3 Types of Procrastination and succeed

How often do we sit at our desk watching the never ending email notifications popping up adding to the never-ending list of communications. We know we need to get on top of these quickly, but do we? Or do we look for the more likeable...

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26 Feb 2017

International Women’s Day is almost here!

This year’s theme is one we can all relate to #BEBOLDFORCHANGE. How many of us have had to find that boldness within during times of change? What does being ‘bold’ really mean to you? Did you know the World Economic Forum predicts that the gender...

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